Yea, But Still

“Yea, but still” is what we say when the right thing is presented before us but we choose to do another. It is what we say when we give in to the pressures and temptations of the world and the muddy reasoning that comes with being a modestly evolved primate. We can endlessly construe the details of what we should be doing and know it’s the right choice and just get overtaken by the part of us that says “yea, but still.” That part of us becomes stronger than our rational side, our long-term best interest side. Which is the real us? Both, of course. Every one of us has multiple personalities and life is an ongoing play between them, a musical chairs of sorts. But I’d like to think on some level the real us is the one that knows the right choice and does it. It is the one that calmly speaks to us from within. The one that silences the voice saying “yea, but still.”

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