WTF is dggb

dorian green golden braid

simple enough, why do I even bother with the whole theme site and not just call it Dorian Green’s website where they release music. Maybe I should, but I’ve never been one to limit my options and while I’ve put out a bit of music and writing here, the site has not yet been anything on the scale of my original intentions to “be a merging of art forms and sciences, weaving strands of modern society into a Golden Braid.”

There’s some art, and more coming, but not so much science and only a few morsels of the other stuff. This is first and foremost a music site, and while that’s my number one passion in life (after, you know, God and such) more of the paid hours of my day involve some kind of science or technology. I love but am generally less passionate about these things but hey, they can be pretty cool at times and and complement making music very well. So considering I should be adding more material of all kinds to the site, why not expand the horizon and add things outside the bounds of anything previously posted?

As represented at the top of the site the logo lettering is made to be symmetrical, a theme found in the musical content here as well as the site’s literary inspiration. While this option isn’t available in plain text, forcing settling with twitter @dggb and so on, the musical web presence of Dorian Green will be known as just that. But as long as we’re at home here on this site, it ‘s Dorian Green’s the Golden Braid.


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