What More Can I Say?

So many artists in their later works end up with the “what else can I say” message. Instead of waiting, I’m just going to go ahead and pose the question now. And while little new ground is being covered, I still think we can say a lot. We are continuing the conversation between the generations of our society. Naturally we just elaborate on what has already been said, or return to previous parts of the conversation and put pieces of information together differently. Though really, what more can we say on the level of any genre? We know the central tenets at this point. A large percentage of music is about sex, with some lesser percentage about love, love and sex together, drugs (often veiled as love or sex), getting real paid, and spirituality (love). I include heartbreak and breakups in the love category. Other topics include nationalism, food, existential confusion, revenge, claims of either social dominance or social ineptness, and anti-nationalism. While I’m sure much of my music and writing could fall into these categories, one of my goals comes from thinking about one of Andre 3K’s lines from “Return of the ‘G'” – “Let’s talk about time travelin’, rhyme javelin, something mind unravelin’.” How many different ways can music continue to rephrase the axioms it is built upon? As long as the world continues to evolve, there will be something to say. And as long as there is something to say, people will speak.