Some Thoughts on Love

When I think of every time I’ve heard anyone use that phrase, what they wouldn’t trade the opportunity to be with someone for, I’ve wondered how much they mean it. People say, I wouldn’t trade for anyone, or a million dollars, or all the gold in California. Maybe sometimes they mean it, given the option they would keep that person over a tempting alternative. But to be with you? I wouldn’t trade you for the world. There is nothing I would rather have than to be with you, and if all the world’s a stage, the rest of it is extras in a background scene.


Hey, how have you been? I think about you a lot, even when we don’t talk. Sometimes I feel like I don’t have anything to say. Others I feel like I have too much to say and won’t be able to say it all, so I don’t. Sometimes I try to just listen. I’d really like it if we could have a conversation. One of us says something, and the other reacts and responds. We might even think about it before speaking. Maybe the waves moving between us will create beautiful music. Maybe they always are.


On the topic of love, so much art has expressed the idea of two hearts beating as one, or two bodies coming together to form one. This takes away some of the beauty of love. When you love another person, you realize they are very different than you. They are another human being, and you may find yourself doing things for them that do not benefit you. Love is a difficult emotion because it contradicts what a lot of people consider to be our basic nature. People tend to do things for themselves, so if you think of another person as yourself, you are just serving yourself. Many people think the most accurate basic description of love is caring about someone more than yourself. But looking out for number one is considered in our basic nature. I also think it is in our basic nature to care for one another though, because civilization would have never advanced if people had not worked together. If you let your neighbor starve to death, he will not be there to help you later. Often times we will try and convince ourselves we are acting on love when we are really acting for ourselves, whether that takes the form of greed, envy, or ostensibly good intentions. In real love, when you realize that this other person is not you but you love them anyway, that is a great feeling. Besides, two people are one only as much as all people are one.