Some Thoughts On God

Some Thoughts On God

Any continual disclaimers about this topic come from spending most of my life thinking this type of thing is best kept personal, but I’ve come to appreciate learning from the words of others while maintaining an individual view about the nature of everything. I certainly never want to give the impression of preaching.

With that said, I’ve discussed thoughts on God before, but never clearly enough and certainly without appropriate emphasis. I can genuinely say at this point in my life God (or my interpretation) is by far the most important aspect of my life. My understanding of God does not really resemble the Judeo-Christian God, though growing up in western culture I’m sure I still see somewhat through a muddled lens. I believe a number of people throughout history have realized the true nature of God and were able to identify this fully within themselves. I don’t give preference to any particular one of these spiritual figures, but have an earnest desire for evidence. I do have a particular fascination with Parmahansa Yogananda and his detailed account of his life in Autobiography of a Yogi, which contains photographs of the modern yogi with historical figures such as Gandhi and President Eisenhower, something comforting for my skepticism. The words of that book are undoubtedly the most enriching and renewable document pertaining to spirituality to me.

Part of the lens of western culture I’m trying to see past is the masculine nature of God. Instead of seeing God as a father figure solely, I’ve started seeing more of a mother and father combination, while trying not to personify too much. It’s hard to use pronouns for description here. I, he, she, it, them, us… These are all ineffective and inappropriate. Using words at all to describe God is not a great method, one reason why I won’t attempt to beyond a few paragraphs.

As for the afterlife, my understanding is that the highest achievement of this life is complete God self-realization, a state of mind that transcends individuality, meaning any afterlife would be in unity with God and do the same.

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