Some Positivity for your Day: Chicken Salad out of Chicken Shit

Recently some crazy ass hole decided to march into an elementary school and kill as many people as possible, including children. It goes without saying this is pretty severely fucked up, but the fact it goes without saying is part of my positive message here.


Whenever these events happen, many talk about how the world is gone all to hell, and look for somewhere to place blame, whether it is gun control, prayer in schools, mental healthcare. It is best to stay off facebook altogether during these times unless you want to be exposed to passionate but uneducated opinions.


But even with the minor annoyances of people who want their mostly irrelevant voices heard, the fact agreed upon by the overwhelming majority of people is that this behavior is not cool, to say the least. There are truly only a handful of people in the civilized world who would ever commit an act like this, and only a few more who identify with the actions or consider it ok. The other 99% of people are sickened by it. It causes normal people to drop everything and call their family members to make sure everyone is ok. It causes an appreciation of the day that might otherwise go unobserved. It causes people to reconsider what really matters. It’s terrible when it takes a tragedy to remind everyone of life’s delicacy and to have appreciation for it. The end doesn’t justify the means in a situation like this, but the end is still there. And even though the end isn’t the same for the victims and family, the end I see from an outside perspective is people coming together to do whatever they can to help out those in need. I see images of people around the world, young and old, expressing their sympathy and offering support. And these images are the ones that stick in my mind, not those of slaughter.


Perhaps I’m excessively naive, or just too distant to truly feel the pain of the victims of these tragedies. But when people blame the world for the actions of an individual, I try to see beyond that. Bad apples may fall from the trees and bring down good ones on their way, but the orchard stands strong as ever.

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