Short Thoughts

It is quite a feeling to realize all of existence is an elaborate one man show for a one man audience.

Ending up back in the same place always makes me wonder if there is more to be learned or done in that place, or if I am simply following a red herring.

It is time we had a social movement embodied not by its clothing or drug use but rather by the power of its ideas.

there is nothing artistic about proper nouns in lowercase letters and no punctuation

The line between laziness and efficiency is sometimes very thin, but always very real.

When people laugh, they look to see if their friends are laughing too. There’s just something about sharing the human experience that seems to make it better.

The idea that we’re all alone and that we are all unique is just a glass half-empty or half-full kind of thing.

When I’m running and someone passes me on a bicycle I think, “pussy”, but if I were passing a runner on a bike I’d think, “idiot”.