Original “About” The Golden Braid

While there are many purposes of this site that will be fully discovered in time, the main one is to be a medium for my original music, released under the artist name of Dorian Green (of no relation to anyone by that actual birth name, I’m representing the United States). Like many other musicians, I am aware of the direction of the industry so I plan to always release my recorded music here for free or whatever you feel it is worth. I intended to launch this site a couple of years ago and that whole idea was supposed to have a lot more impact, but I was beat to the punch by several other artists, so now I’ll have to make it over on the actual music rather than the impact of the idea. Some of the music here will be nuanced and introspective, some will be dance music for the party people, and then a lot in between. Just go to the music section and start with whatever appeals most to you. Ideally the music will keep on coming if you will.
I’ll also use the site to post random thoughts/acclamations/diatribes, live performance information, artwork, that sort of thing. It will be a link to you free of a middleman.

One more very important purpose of this site is to assure I maintain a sense of humor. It is easy for us to take life too seriously and forget it is just a ride to be enjoyed as much as possible. Not too long ago, I was just a few bad decisions away from going to law school and joining the real world. While I don’t know what all my future holds, I hope to continue finding a way to support myself while making music and thoroughly enjoying my life. It’s been a lot of fun so far.

So in summary, what is it all about? An attempt to provide something to civilization? An attempt to keep avoiding the real world? A method of communication? Probably all this and more. It has appeared to me for some time now that coming years are going to bring a world significantly different than the one of the generations before us, even more so than it already is. I think many of you feel the way I do about a lot of things, and hope this site can be a place for us all to connect and embrace the opportunity to be alive right now to the fullest (without taking it, or anything, too seriously).

About The Name

The name of this site comes from the Douglas Hofstadter book Gödel, Escher, Bach, described by the author as “a metaphorical fugue on minds and machines in the spirit of Lewis Carroll.” It is far too amazing to summarize concisely, but I think the Wikipedia entry on it does a pretty good job.
“On its surface, GEB examines logician Kurt Gödel, artist M. C. Escher and composer Johann Sebastian Bach, discussing common themes in their work and lives. At a deeper level, the book is a detailed and subtle exposition of concepts fundamental to mathematics, symmetry, and intelligence.
One of the many beautifully designed elements of the book is the way ideas of varying disciplines and art forms are brought together. I thought that was a good metaphor of my intentions for the site, which stems from ideas I had several years ago, but has come about with the help of friends and associates of mine in varying specialties, to all of whom I’m very thankful. My ultimate goal with the site is the merging of many different art forms and disciplines, and seeing what happens when we weave strands from our modern society into an Eternal Golden Braid.