What’s the deal with the music?

Some of the music here like Carousel and A Symmetry is more standard rock lineup (guitar, drums, bass, vocals), some of the other music like Chocolate on Chocolate is solo electronic work mostly made for dance and because it’s fun to make.

You can play the music directly off the site or download with the link on the top right of the SoundCloud player, all mp3’s are properly tagged with the artist name Dorian Green. Some tracks here are not available on SoundCloud, you can right-click and “Save Link As” to download those.

One of the ideas of putting music out for your enjoyment is to help make live performances happen, so if you like the music and are interested in when that is happening or helping make it happen, go to the Shows or Contact section of this site.


Newly Added




New Electronic

A Symmetry (2010)



About The Album


Download full album MP3 (.zip)




Chocolate on Chocolate (2011)



End of Time (Beyonce Remix)

This was from an official remix competition on Beyonce’s website where she released the tracks and was hosted on SoundCloud for a few years, then one day out of nowhere I got a copyright infringement notice from them for this track, which is some bullshit.  Anyway, here it is.

End of Time (DG Remix)



Victorian Green – Dorian Green and Armless Victory

Duck Hunt (4:15)

Planets and Animals (3:05)



All the music here is available through the Creative Commons copyright. You can download and distribute it all you want. Thanks for listening.