Music Thoughts 1

Some Thoughts on Music

Music of a certain level is seemingly timeless. Beethoven that has been around hundreds of years is still deserving of tireless listening, as is more recent but still older artists like Buddy Holly or classic albums like Dark Side of the Moon or Tommy. But we hear and perceive music with ears developed listening to music mostly following the “rules” established in Western tonal music. Since the rules were established, they have been continually bended and broken, finding new mechanisms of tension and release. Music of a given time acts as a zeitgeist in response to the ear and listening development of the general audience.

After a recent conversation with a friend, I was thinking about the music-gasm. It is a feeling that I hope everyone is able to experience, but apparently not everyone is so fortunate. It is of course difficult to describe, but it is when the music causes you to feel chills all over your body, laugh hysterically, and feel invincible. Often times if it is a setting you can do so, you repeat a particular section of a song or even a whole section over and over again until you are almost physically worn out. I realized that this feeling is caused simply by the effect of communication. It is your true self being spoken to and connecting with the core of another human being in a way that words alone never could. I have experienced this feeling with all different kinds of music from different eras, and it all leads to that same feeling. It is the reassurance that others out there feel, and you are not alone in this world.

The music business has created several lies of personalities through the produced singers and bands who do not write their own music. So many people have fallen in love with an artist who is singing or playing the feelings of a hired songwriter and producer, with the image of the musician.