Let’s Be Clear

A hallmark of quality writing and art is clarity of expression – what are you trying to say? In the case of music and other art it might not always be possible to put in words, but the same concept of clarity applies in using only as much as needed to communicate an idea. In order to do this, you have to know what it is you’re trying to say. It feels obvious internally, yet so often escapes us when we search for the words, and it can be helpful to stop and ask this when creating.

I think almost everyone wants to communicate a message to the world. We want to tell the world we love it like a child, that we hurt for it, that we share it’s hopes and dreams but know the realities. We want to tell the world it’s all going to be okay, and sometimes we need the world to return the favor. And these feelings swirl together in our minds to make symphonies, fill books and canvasses, and pierce the air through the powerful stab of an electric guitar.

Everyone has something to say, and in many people there will be an endless drive to find a way to express it. But now having said all that, it can’t be overlooked that sometimes we just want to rock. Sometimes we just want to run. Sometimes we just want to fuck. Sometimes we just want to feel. And when our bodies want this, it’s very clear.

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