People of our time, and I would imagine of any time, seem to glorify history, probably because they can never experience it. I find myself falling into the trap of thinking about how great it would’ve been to live during the enlightenment, or to be around when Lou Reed was hanging out with Andy Warhol in New York, or to have been around for the bepop era, or been in San Fransisco and see the earliest forms of the Dead. But when people were experiencing these times, they were not consciously thinking about what a great time to be alive it was and how they needed to relish every waking moment of it. They were simply people trying to live their lives and they just happened to be alive at those times. It is likely that (if we’re still around in some similar form) people some time from now will look back on the late 1900’s and early 2000’s as an incredible time to be alive, and I feel certain the coming decades will only get more interesting. Never before have there been so many possibilities on the doorstep of mankind. Never before could the decisions made have such a significant global impact. It is surely the most amazing time to be alive that history has yet seen, and we must not forget these things as we venture further into the present.