Gating the Noise

In my most recent article here I spouted a bit about music gear and software. I didn’t go deep enough to bore anyone I hope, and I’m not going to here but I thought about some other music making tools and how they apply to life. There are commonly used software and hardware devices like EQ and gating that can cut out (or add in more of) parts of the sound. Gating can cut out sounds altogether, say any sound that doesn’t reach a threshold of volume.

We interpret sound the same way we interpret most everything else there is, by sensing waves and vibrations. In music this ranges from about 20 Hz to 20 kHz, or vibrations per second, and the combination of all these vibrations is the secret recipe that results in one of God’s greatest gifts. This is not too different than how we see, or receive whatever mysterious waves we generate between each other.

There are far too many of these coming at us at any given time to interpret them all. In a sense, our mind is a tuner, or radio-like receiver for these. The more control you have, the less static interference. And within the world and our interactions with people, we have to control the frequencies we let in and amplify. In some cases, the only choice is to cut something out altogether, to gate the noise.

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