Cunning Linguism In Rap

In honor of Valentine’s Day, it felt appropriate to write about possibly the most romantic of topics. Patrons of rap music have witnessed a noticeable change in attitudes on oral sex, primarily from the male artists. In a recent conversation on the subject, one friend of mine phrased it concisely: “Cunnilingus okay Post-2005.”

This pretty much sums it up. In it’s earliest forms, most gangster rap seemed to have the expectation of getting but never giving head. Something about the act seemed demoralizing to the males, with no thought whatsoever about the double standard at hand. In recent years, many rap artists have been lyrically embracing the act and immodestly describing their abilities, with examples like Lil’ Wayne and his track “Pussy Monster” showing that cunnilingus is not only accepted, but actually receives a great sense of enthusiasm and privilege. I personally see this as a good thing, but I think it could also relate to a larger social movement at hand in the growing independence and dignity of women. This is happening both in the general sense as well as the specific example of the rap genre, with increased popularity of more female artists whose messages often emphasize the veneration of women.

Of course women’s rights have advanced significantly over the last century, with the last couple of decades in particular witnessing an even narrower gap in social equality. The limitations of gender on life status seems to be fading completely, with several women in some of the highest power political positions available being one of the most obvious examples. Women have of course historically received great favor from men, and it’s a possibility the majority of international conflicts in history involved a male acting under the influence of one, but present day women are in a position to make demands like never before. If they weren’t receiving social equality, they would rightfully demand it.

Now, before getting carried away and considering this phenomenon amongst all oppressed social groups, I haven’t forgotten that this article was about sex. The primary point was the paradigm shift of male rappers attitudes, and then I mainly just wanted to consider any causal relationship in that and the women’s rights movement. But I think I am just overanalyzing the fact a lot of guys came to the conclusion it’s socially acceptable to enjoy eating pussy.