Coming Along, Music and Mobility

Hey all,

Just an update letting you know the studio tracks are coming along nicely and will be available here in the next few weeks. We have 15 tracks recorded with guitar, drums, bass, keys, and vocals currently being added. Once that’s done we’ll mix and master and then have it available here for your listening.

This process has been slowed a bit by DG battling some health issues. I’m coming out on top, but not without my body putting up a good fight. It has been an important lesson in appreciation of a healthy body, and to never take any part of your health for granted. Though I’ve always expressed thanks for being able to run, I rarely did the same for the ability to walk, a mistake I hope to never make again. Thanks to all the well-wishers, supporters, friends and family who have come to visit recently. Now that I’m (actually) back on my feet, I plan to move forward with a renewed attitude and not look back.


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