Carousel and SoundCloud and Whatever Else

First off, Carousel is done being mixed and will be mastered and available in the next week barring catastrophe. It will of course be available here, which anyone who has listened to music on the Golden Braid music section recently (but not now) noticed the media player the site used stopped working, so it seemed a good time to go a new direction with that. Given that SoundCloud is a useful tool in the music community and easily integrates into the site, I think I may use their player to play music off the Golden Braid. Though I’d also like to make it as aesthetically pleasing as possible, and these two might be mutually exclusive, so we’ll see.

I’ve also mentioned that Carousel has 15 recorded tracks, which is admittedly a bit long for most albums. Plus we’re in the days of online releases that we can control on our own schedule, so I’ve been thinking, why deliver everything prematurely when I could drag it out a bit? I’m not thinking of releasing 10-12 tracks as the official Carousel album, and then 3-5 more as singles (B-sides?) found only on the website. Another idea of this is I will have most of my music available on the Golden Braid as well as various music outlets over the net, but some music will be available ONLY on the Golden Braid. It will be just between us.

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