Welcome to the Golden Braid. This site is about music, information, inspiration, lols, and self-expression (real talk), but mostly music. I produce music and release it on this site under the artist name Dorian Green. It’s on some other distribution sites too, but I try to make this more aesthetic and intimately direct.


Of course, it is more than just a music distribution site! It is the voice of Dorian Green, bearing of information about performances, platinum records, and other happenings, as well as what I have for years been reluctant to call a blog.


So if the band is Dorian Green, what is the Golden Braid? The name comes from the book Gödel, Escher, Bach, a breath-taking work on the mind I couldn’t properly summarize, but with help from Wikipedia, “the book is a detailed and subtle exposition of concepts fundamental to mathematics, symmetry, and intelligence” that culminates by creating a basis for a theory of what the mind is and what it will take to create one. I’d like to think my goals here are a bit more modest, but one of them is to be a merging of art forms and sciences, weaving strands of modern society into a Golden Braid.


I recently abridged this, if you are curious to read the original version, you can find it here.