About A Symmetry

This is a work several years in the making, and I’m hoping the fact I’ve been working with it for such a long time and still love it is a good sign. I’ve been involved with a diverse amount of music over this time, but this idea always kept a very special place with me. Although it took a while to write, it all came very naturally. I consider it fairly straightforward musically, with standard rock instrumentation and pretty free of effects. I think much of it’s beauty lies in its conception from start to finish, but I wouldn’t call it a concept album…unless you consider growing up, spiritual development, and the triumphs and tragedies of relationships a concept, in which case pretty much all of rock history is one big concept album. Its primary purpose is to be enjoyed, but there is also much to be found within the music if you take the time. The main thing I ask is that you listen to the album in its entirety, at least the first time. It was crafted to be a true album, listened to as a whole. I realize this is not very common these days, but wherever you are and whatever you are doing, I hope you are able to relax, find that place that music so often takes us and go on an adventure with the album (and some decent speakers) from start to finish. This whole project is definitely my baby but I would have never been able to complete it without the help of some very good and talented friends who I thank very much.

A Symmetry by Dorian Green

Guitar and Keyboards – Adam Watkins
Bass – Ben Scott
Drums – Tyler Ritter
Vocals – Will Jones
Backing Vocals – Mike Creager, Tyler Diuguid, Baird Castleberry
Produced by Adam Watkins
Music recorded primarily at Capture Music Studios with Recording Engineer Mike Creager
Mastered by Rodney Mills

Aside from the people who worked on the project directly, a special thanks goes to my supportive family, Eric and Konstantza Chernov, Micah Durant for his keyboard assistance, JMC, La Luna, EES, all my friends who gave me feedback on the album as it developed, all my roommates who listened to me work on the music for hours on end, and most importantly even though risking sounding like a douche, with all humility, I thank the forces that blessed me to hear the music and give me the means to bring the vision to reality, or for lack of a better term, God.