Purpose with Total Faith

    While my words often come with qualifiers (see), I never hesitate to name my top priorities as an individual: God and music. When I think about how that might be perceived by the skeptical, being a skeptic myself, I feel the need to justify this primary pursuit to better understand the nature of our being. But it stays firm because I feel I owe it to any creator to recognize the underlying cause and design.
    The pedigree of my spirituality is based in confirmation and proof. Spiritual growth and self-realization may translate to stronger faith, and while faith can be strong there can still be rays of doubt creep in, allowing us to imagine the possibility there is no God or reason for life and everything is subject to chaos. Ideal self-realization means knowing beyond doubt not only is there a God, but in fact we are all expressions of that entity as it realizes existence. Of course, most of us are far from that level and still have to operate on some level of faith.
    Total faith would mean certainty. I recall being very young and strongly desiring the reality of an in the flesh visit from God, anthropomorphized and come to tell me “yep, it’s all true so live accordingly!” An appealing idea for a child’s mind, not a realistic one. Not because any God would be incapable, but then there would not be a life of witnessing His/Her nuanced true nature, not to mention break your brain. There would be no continual reward in affirmation of faith. And while there are many varied faiths, I don’t personally know of anyone who can truly claim to have an experience that breaks the confines of our physical world, of which there is no possible explanation other than an undeniably higher power. I think we all still seek this to some extent, even as we churn in daily meditation building our foundation brick by brick. If events like this happen at all, it is only to those who are realized enough to not need the affirmation. Until we get there, we live on faith and and a purpose of continually whittling away areas of doubt until only knowing remains.
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How To Fight Nazis

In light of the baffling resurgence of vocal white supremacy and neo-nazism in the United States, many of us have a natural tendency to delight in the culprits being made subject to violence, i.e. punching a nazi in the face. I can’t deny that I too enjoy footage of some nazi ass hole being vocal in public and taking a good one across the jaw. Unfortunately this is not the right way to fight them, at least not at this point in time. While these people are scum of the Earth, until their verbal content turns physical, the side of good should not initiate the violence. We can’t forget that nazis can punch back, and sinking to their level gives them the fuel and justification to. No one has ever realized they were on the wrong side of an argument by getting punched.


So how do we fight nazis in 2017? By exposing them, using the people’s media to identify them and make them known. After the recent events in Charlottesville, VA, some of the publicly identified white supremacists have lost jobs or cried like babies on camera in the face of what they consider persecution (lol). This is how we fight nazis. Go to their events armed with cell phone cameras. Photograph them, post their pictures, have the internet identify them (hopefully correctly), and let society handle it. Also effective is mocking them with humor or following their marches with a tuba playing carnival music.


I’m aware of the concern that many of these people come from places where their family, friends and bosses might not object to bigoted views. Being from Birmingham, AL, I am not far removed from these environments, though I thankfully never personally witness it. The thing is, these people and places are fighting a losing battle and they’re going to die off. The small rural towns where these attitudes remain prevalent are fading away. They are the last skeletons grasping that fictitious idea of white supremacy and a purer time of the past that accommodated to their superiority. It may not be at a fast enough pace, but they are crumbling to dust and will eventually be gone. I’m not delusional enough to think that racism will ever fully be eliminated, but I do think it’s strongest remaining relics will disappear into history on the losing side. They are fighting a battle they ultimately cannot win.

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Electric Sky


Here’s a fun mashup I made a while back and just rediscovered of some Kanye and The Avalanches.

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Return of the DG

Oh hey there, it sure has been a while. I’ll take responsibility there. It has been a chaotic year in DG’s personal life, and while I haven’t managed to post anything I have been making a lot of music. There is so much in production I’m excited to share soon. Thanks for being here!

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Releasing a track I’m calling Heart that’s an orchestral electronic piece built around a simple melody sprinkled with ear candy. It’s an instrumental right now, but I see this one reimagined down the road as a vocal piece. It might even be a living piece, which would be fitting for the name, huh?



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Yea, But Still

“Yea, but still” is what we say when the right thing is presented before us but we choose to do another. It is what we say when we give in to the pressures and temptations of the world and the muddy reasoning that comes with being a modestly evolved primate. We can endlessly construe the details of what we should be doing and know it’s the right choice and just get overtaken by the part of us that says “yea, but still.” That part of us becomes stronger than our rational side, our long-term best interest side. Which is the real us? Both, of course. Every one of us has multiple personalities and life is an ongoing play between them, a musical chairs of sorts. But I’d like to think on some level the real us is the one that knows the right choice and does it. It is the one that calmly speaks to us from within. The one that silences the voice saying “yea, but still.”

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